Saturday, November 17, 2012

"See You Later" Party at Lidia's | Blue Springs, Mo Event Photographer

I don't like goodbye's and I can tell that this family is very close and that they don't either so I'm calling this a "See You Later" Party instead.  When Kim contacted me to cover this party for her sister who was moving away (there are some hints as to where she is going in the photos), I got the feeling that they were going to do their best to make this a happy and light occasion with friends and family and were hoping for "no tears".  I think they did a wonderful job and as a photographer I was personally very thankful that they picked a venue with fantastic natural light which made my job much easier.  I was not there through the end of the party though, so I can't confirm they totally avoided tears.

I didn't actually see the invitations to this party, but I'm pretty sure the fine print said "children are welcome, but only if they have amazing eyes".  Luckily they were all eager to share them with my camera too.  :)

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