Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's a Girl!!!....Newborn in Higginsville, Mo

Finally!  I have been waiting to use these adorable headbands for a while now but so far have only had little boy newborns.  This little cutie was the PERFECT model for them though.  She never really fell into a deep sleep, but she did love my comfy bean bag and as soon as she got nestled into it she was pretty tolerant of all of the strange lady moving her around and putting things on her head.  Isn't she just lovely?

Boys, boys, boys in Lawrence, Kansas

These guys kept me on my toes.  There weren't a lot of "posed" shots in this session because there was just too much running and "being boys" to do.  I happen to love candid shots though and chasing these guys around and jumping out from behind bushes was also a great workout!  All of that, plus a mommy on crutches made for a very interesting and challenging shoot, but I have to say it was a pretty rewarding one too!

"not quite new"born in Blue Springs, Mo

Although this little guy just arrived home from the hospital a few days before this session, he came into the world a little earlier than planned and was actually several weeks old before he was able to have a newborn session.  He knew it too.  He was way too big of a boy for that silly nonsense that newborns do like sleeping and curling up in a little ball to be posed and propped up.  Despite that, he was still a great model and when your this cute, you know you are going to get some great shots.

Oh, and it has become a habit of mine to make final preparations for sessions hours or minutes before I walk out the door.  I don't know just seems to be when inspiration strikes.  The morning of this session I decided this little guy needed to wear a santa stocking hat so I knitted one about an hour before the session. I think it was worth it.  :)