About Me

I'm Heather (obviously). I live in Blue Springs, Missouri with my husband and two children. I have always loved art and artists.  Artists see the world differently and through their work, they allow you to see it through their eyes and also catch a glimpse of their soul.  I was raised and surrounded by artists as a child.  My mother and grandmother painted and sculpted.  My mom even hand drew our Christmas cards every year...while I struggled with stick people.  Still, I always felt I had art inside of me.  I remember the excitement of sitting with a blank piece of paper and the hope of creating something beautiful on it, only to be disappointed with the results.  Then I found photography and I realized it was how I was meant to create art and express myself.  Some time after this discovery I made another...an old camera with many lenses and equipment that belonged to my grandfather and then my mother who are both gone from this world, but still in my heart every day.  It had many notes about F-stops and shutter speeds with it in my mom's handwriting.  They felt like notes to me, from her, confirming that this was where I belonged.

Although I started as a hobbyist, I am by no means someone who bought a fancy camera (or two...I am pictured below with my starter and have upgraded since) and decided I was suddenly a photographer.  I have spent years studying, learning, taking classes, practicing and being mentored by some of the best before even considering it as a possibility of a career.  I now feel extremely thankful and blessed to be able to do what I love every day of my life and share it with you.
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