Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blue Springs, Mo Boudoir Photographer: "J"

It seems only appropriate that "J" be my first boudoir client. 3 years ago we met for the first time face to face when she asked me to take family photos for her. I was still "skill building" and mostly taking photos for friends at the time and was honored that she trusted me to photograph her beautiful family. Here is one of the photos from that day:

 A lot has changed since then. Although I still think this is a lovely family photo, I look at it now and see things I would have done differently today which is a good thing. I plan to do the same thing with the photos I am taking today 3 years from now. Never stop growing and improving. "J" has made some changes too. She has since started her own photography business and is doing very well. She has also lost 100 pounds! When she saw I was trying to build my boudoir portfolio, she was excited to capture the beautiful new her and I'm so grateful that she once again trusted me to do this for her. Here she is now:

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