Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lovely (and lively) little Leni...Blue Springs Newborn Photographer

Usually when I am contacted to schedule a newborn, the baby is still in mommy's tummy.  So when Leni's mommy called me to schedule a newborn session and told me that her baby was already a few weeks old...I knew we needed to hurry. After the two week mark, newborns are suddenly more alert, awake and aware and this makes getting them into a deep sleep that is perfect for squishing them up and posing them in cute positions trickier.   Luckily, scheduling with newborns is usually a bit more flexible since mom is at home on maternity leave so we were able to get her scheduled quickly.  Leni wasn't all that impressed with our efforts though and decided to be awake most of the 3 hours of her session anyway.  Like I told her mom though, when you are this doesn't really  matter.  Big Sister Ellie was a great helper too!  Such pretty girls and a wonderful family.

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