Monday, December 3, 2012

My kiddos, Downtown Blue Springs| Blue Springs Child Photographer

Since opening my studio in downtown Blue Springs and spending more time there, I have been scoping out all kinds of good spots there that would be good places for photos.  I decided to try a few of them out with my own little ones for our annual photo session and love how they turned out.  It's also fun to have this location displayed in our home since it has become a part of my life.

On another note, there is a reason why I only plan on 1 photo session a year with my kids.  Although I often decide to do last minute little mini sessions here and there and lots of candids through the year, one full session is sometimes all I have in me.  My patience is almost unlimited when it comes to other people's kids.  I tell parents to just have fun and not take it too seriously so the kids will be happy and it will show in the photos.  I remind them that the moments I capture in between the "poses" are often the favorites in the end so it's not that important that they look at my camera and say "cheeeeeese".  And if I ask them to do something and they aren't real into it, I don't take it personally...we just move onto something else that they enjoy more.  When it comes to my own kids all of that goes out the window though.  I am the photographer AND the frustrated parent who really wants these photos to just turn out.  I often have spent months imagining what I want to do for their session and picturing certain images in my head and get annoyed when they aren't happening in reality because of lack of attention span and cooperation.  I think we managed to have a little fun for this session though and get some Christmas-card-worthy shots of my "not so little" babies too.

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