Monday, October 15, 2012

Jackson...3 weeks | Blue Springs, Mo newborn photographer

When you look at newborn photos, it looks like being a newborn photographer is a really easy thing to do.  You just take a sleepy newborn and curl them up and pose them and maybe dress them up with a few cute props.  Ok, I have to admit that's just about how easy it was with little Jackson, but even when everything goes perfectly in a newborn session, a good part of it is spent making sure they are happy...and full.  The beginning of almost every session is spent feeding them and getting them into a nice, deep sleep and especially now that I am in the studio and everything is set up and ready to go beforehand, that leaves me with not much to do other than capture these little moments.  Feeding, burping, rocking...these are things that will be done hundreds of times in the next year but are seldom things you think of photographing at home.  Maybe these images won't end up in huge frames over the fireplace, but I have a feeling in 5 years or so they will be the ones that tug at the heartstrings the most.

I should also mention the studio was put to the test for this session.  We had mom, dad, baby Jackson, big brother Parker (who also did an AWESOME job in front of the camera) and a friend of the family (and fellow gym mom of mine) and of course me.  It was cozy to say the least and made me a little anxious of the furniture that is still on it's way, but overall I couldn't be happier with the studio.

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