Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cake smash (kind of) in Lawrence, KS.

It doesn't seem possible that these cuties could be turning 1 & 2.  It seems like just yesterday I was meeting them for the first time and they were only 3 mos. old and almost 1!  Like I said below, the outside part of this shoot was questionable because of the weather.  The inside part was supposed to be the easy and predictable part.  What's easier than a cake smash?  You put the cake in front of the kiddo and let them tear into it while shooting away.  Well, we did get some adorable shots, but they weren't having any part of the "smash".  Mia neatly picked the little candies off of her cake and as soon as Ben's little hand got messy the tears came.  LOL

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