Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blue Springs Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are probably my favorite kind of session. Maybe that is because I have been lucky enough to have such awesome couples! LOVED this couple. They had lots of ideas of about what kind of props and photos would best capture who they were as a couple and the result turned into LOTS of awesome images that really tell the story of who they are. For those of you who do not know their story...they worked at Disney together, attended Oregan State together (hence the duck whistle thing), and liked vintage style, and music. I think we were able to capture all of those things, plus their love for each other quite well! IMG_2608FB IMG_2630editFB IMG_2625editFB IMG_2619editFB IMG_2635FB (They were laughing because I tied the Mickey balloons to my camera bag and we just heard a POP and turned to see that all but one had escaped and headed into a tree). IMG_2646FB IMG_2660FB I got entertained while I worked! If it wouldn't have been SO hot out, I would have stalled a little here to enjoy it longer! IMG_2670editFB Shared the color version of this on Facebook, but love the black and white too! IMG_2671BWFB IMG_2672FB IMG_2679editFB Also shared a similar one to this on Facebook, but I like this one too. IMG_2685FB IMG_2686FB IMG_2691FB IMG_2698FB IMG_2716BWFB IMG_2727FB IMG_2730FB Looks like he is whispering sweet nothings here right? Not exactly. IMG_2749FB IMG_2765editFB IMG_2769FB IMG_2773FB IMG_2779FB IMG_2787FB I would love to take credit for knowing there would be a Mickey at the Soda Shop, but it was pure coincidence! IMG_2789FB

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  1. Thank you Heather! These pictures are awesome! Daniel and I loved having you work with us!!!